Top 10 Games


It's the winter when you were six years old all over again. You and your pals against those other kids in a great big snowball fight. Yes, this game is far from being perfect, but we like this game because it's simple and fun.


If you liked Master of Orion, you will like this game because this is the same game. Scout different planets. Research for new technologies. Build cool space ships. Conquer other aliens. To be fair, it's not exactly the same... it has different aliens and technology tree. Still, this is the kind of game that you can play for hours.


A really fun and addictive game. You play the frog who can't swim trying to catch the flies by jumping from one pad to another. A very well done game. I spent hours playing this game. It's really cool! See if you can get a high score.


Enter a fighting world where magical cards can summon powerful monsters. In Battle Trolls, you can enter on-line battles with other players, using special cards. Each card can summon a creature that will fight for you, or give you special abilities. Defeat your opponents and become the best there is.


One of the best shockwave games out in the internet. You can either play aginst computer or someone else. Game control is smooth. Nice 3D graphics. This game is very well done.


Kevin the Space Penguin needs to get onto his spaceship, and needs your help to do it. Launch Kevin through space using the Giant Penguin Slingshot so he can get on board. Watch out for planets, moons and other obstacles. You will believe a Penguin can fly.


Your hero mouse is in love with a local girl. To win her love, you must please her father's appetite for a good burrito. Go around and collect burrito ingredients... of course there are some bad cats on the way. The levels are very well thought out. Cool graphics and sounds. Easy game control.


Rescue all the tenants from the roof of the building while leaving as few rooms as possible. To remove rooms (blocks), two or more same colored rooms must be adjacent to one another. It has nice music and is very replayable.


In this game, you need to match the number outside with the number of building that you would be able to see if you stood where the margin total is and looked across to the other side of the city.


If you like air hockey like I do, you will like this one. Simple mouse controlled game... simple to learn, easy to play.

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